Anteckningar: A mother's love

She now knows why the caged bird never sings, for she was never pushed to fly. "You just need to find love! But don't look for her. For she will find you, beautiful." They said to the little girl. Never thought that she would have this in her mind forever.
She now knows why the tanked fish barley swims, for she is suffocated by fear. "Put on some makeup my dear, you look tired. No one wants a tired woman. Careful not to over do it, love likes you natural."  She repeatedly heard throughout her growth. Her own reflection now someone else's.
She now knows why the tamed horses no longer run trough open fields, for she is afraid to be seen. "Don't laugh out loud.  People will stare and see you for who you are. Act like a lady, behave like a woman and proud you have to be. Or else love won't be able to own you, tame you and control you. Be yourself, love likes you for you." Anonymous she dressed in cloths with fancy embroderies, combed her hair carefully  with youth and innocence.
What is freedom, freedom is feeling no fear. No fear is freedom. But she, now a woman, is captured by love. Love was never a female, love wasn't a mother. Love was a beast with claws and an awful grin. Love caged her without fresh air, day light and water to bathe in. Love was man. Inhuman. Love was inhuman.
Filthy, fragile, cold and scared. Bruised by love she went mad. Spoke her rights, told her story. Only to be hushed for good alone mourning. 
To be against is to be with. 
Love was never a female, love wasn't a mother.